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Mar 25, 2020 | Newsletters

Hello. We hope you have managed to keep yourself and your family safe in these troubling times.

We have seen an unprecedented stop of all business activities; BUT where does that leave your contracts and legal relations. We have already assisted many clients to bring an end to contracts for real estate transactions, business purchases and many more.


We know a great many of our clients are concerned about, and in many cases severely affected by this current CoronaVirus crisis. Rest assured we will be here to help you in this time of uncertainty.

 Many of our clients wonder where they stand on Leases, Franchise Agreements, Licences, Supply Contracts, Purchase and Sale Contracts. You are not alone.


Please remember, that just because circumstances change, does not automatically allow you to abandon your legal obligations, and to do so may expose you to loss of contracts, loss of deposits, or worse. We will follow this Newsletter with some further reports I have prepared recently so our clients can be better informed about their obligations and rights.


However, each case must be carefully reviewed on its merits. There are complex factual and legal issues that will affect your rights, and determine the best course for you to follow. Don’t try to do this alone. Call us to help you navigate through this difficult time.


Please feel free to call us, or to schedule an appointment. Please phone Peter Lee on 33186 6666.