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Lawyers must build trust with their clients, within the community and in the profession. Our firm is committed to these goals.

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Our experienced Brisbane team is motivated to provide commercially valuable legal advice and to build long-term relationships.

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Bankruptcy Recovery

Successful Bankruptcy Recovery 2021

Successful Bankruptcy Recovery In November 2021, we recovered substantial money for a trustee of a bankrupt estate. The bankrupt had transferred a half share of a...
Insolvent Trading Claim

Successful Insolvent Trading Claim 2021

INSOLVENT TRADING CLAIM In November 2021, P M Lee and Co. recovered money for our liquidator client. When liquidators take control of companies, they have a right to...
Check and Understand Your Title to Property in Queensland

Check and Understand Your Title to Property in Queensland

One of the first things we do with most instructions involving property is an updated title search. All land in Queensland, except for unallocated land that has not...
Purchasing residential property in Australia

Purchasing residential property in Australia as a foreign person

For an Australian citizen or permanent resident, purchasing property in Australia is usually a relatively smooth process if you have a good lawyer to assist you. If you...


Successful Insolvent Trading Claim

Bankruptcy Recovery

Making a will or left out of a will: The importance of family provision claims in Queensland.

Receiver Appointed, medical practice sold, and new tenant secured.